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The thing that hit me the most about the Worcester Ceramics was the colour. Not just in the actual pieces of porcelain, but in the overall displays. They had taken great care in the positioning of the artifacts, enhancing them … Continue reading

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What lovely weather we are having, sunshine, the odd shower and the occasional breeze. We have taken to sitting outside after our dinner. Letting the coolness of the evening refresh us and relax us. It is one of those positives … Continue reading

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I have started two new projects recently. Having enjoyed my course Swathed in Stitch with Karen, I finally found the time and the ‘get up and go’ to cut and snip; to hook in and out; and to press, fold … Continue reading

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The sun is a shining….

….to welcome the day! Oh what a beautiful day it is. I’m sat with the sun streaming through the window behind me and I feel good! It has been a bit of an up and down year so far and … Continue reading

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Bang, bang.

Oh isn’t it a grey day today. Really murky and uninspiring! It was yesterday too, but in between all the chores that a stay at home lady must do, I found the time to experiment and play. Paper and card, … Continue reading

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Hello again!

Hello again! I’m sorry it has been along time. Life just got very busy. We heard the call of the sea and just went with it. I love the sea. Its rhythm – hypnotic. The noise – swishing and swashing. … Continue reading

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Buttons and bows.

Nearly three weeks ago a friend and I went to a workshop. It was pouring with rain, but the promise of a cappuccino and a piece of carrot cake was enough to draw us to the little coffee shop in … Continue reading

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Trundling again!

Yes we’ve been away again. We packed everything up and loaded up the car. We hooked up our ‘little home on wheels’ and trundled down the A1 to St Neots. The sun was shining when we left but sadly it … Continue reading

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Surprise, surprise!

I had a parcel this week. One that has flown half way a round the world. Just for me. Oh that did make me feel special. It came completely out of the blue. Well I knew it was coming but … Continue reading

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Which way?

I went out to photo the yellow crocuses from yesterday but they were tightly shut. Cold day today! Anyway I found this little fellow hiding under some leaves. So which way? Portrait or landscape? Difficult to say as I did … Continue reading

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