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The sun is a shining….

….to welcome the day! Oh what a beautiful day it is. I’m sat with the sun streaming through the window behind me and I feel good! It has been a bit of an up and down year so far and … Continue reading

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Buttons and bows.

Nearly three weeks ago a friend and I went to a workshop. It was pouring with rain, but the promise of a cappuccino and a piece of carrot cake was enough to draw us to the little coffee shop in … Continue reading

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The sun has come out…..

Yes the sun has come out and oh it is nice to see it. All those shadows playing around. Dappled here, dappled there. Sharp and crisp here and also there. You could say that I like shadows. So when they … Continue reading

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Shhh Easter is coming!

Things are gathering pace for Easter. It was our last Craft Club at church before Easter and the ladies made some beautiful Decopatch eggs and coasters. Tearing up the papers into little bits and then positioning and gluing with the … Continue reading

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Daffodils. What words do you think of when you see a daffodil? Beautiful? Bright? Smiley? Springtime? All of these? Yes they all speak volumes. After the little snowy nodding heads of the snowdrop, the daffodil really announces that spring is … Continue reading

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A bit of early morning sunshine works wonders. Oh how we need this sunshine. Just to bring a smile. Thank you Lord. One or two close ups…. …. and the rhubarb is growing well!

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Hodsock Priory – famed for its snowdrops. Despite it being grey and cold the flowers still brought a smile. So many different snowdrops. You’d think a snowdrop is a snowdrop but no… there are tall ones, small ones, frilly ones … Continue reading

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Drip, drip.

What a contrast to yesterday. Yesterday I actually managed a walk up over the tops. We could see for miles across the Trent valley. It was crystal clear. Breathtaking. But when I walk with a friend I don’t like to … Continue reading

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Which way?

I went out to photo the yellow crocuses from yesterday but they were tightly shut. Cold day today! Anyway I found this little fellow hiding under some leaves. So which way? Portrait or landscape? Difficult to say as I did … Continue reading

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In search of Spring..

Yes, it is just peeping through, appearing from behind, underneath, and beside. Yes. Spring is in the air while the sun is out!

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