What lovely weather we are having, sunshine, the odd shower and the occasional breeze. We have taken to sitting outside after our dinner. Letting the coolness of the evening refresh us and relax us. It is one of those positives we can often take for granted. So while I sit I have been knitting. People often say “Oh it’s too hot to knit in the summer”, but when you have little balls of wool in lots of different colours you know you just have to keep on and discover what they will look like together!

I have finished the multi-coloured piece from the last post…..

007Yes it grew quite nicely. Not into a square as I ran out of yarn for one colour, but into an oblong. (I do like that word – oblong. It went out of fashion while I was teaching and was replaced by rectangle, but it has such a descriptive sound. ooooobbbbbllloooonnnnggg!) Oops! So to go with the ooobblloonnggg, I have started another piece which is growing.

001That’s not knitting! No that is the result of knitting with lots of little balls of wool. 22 colours binding together and splitting apart before coming together again.002A real rainbow of colour! (It is a lot bigger now, but that is for another day.)

003The colour chart on the left is what I am vaguely aiming for, called the triangle cushion. The bag/cushion debate has landed on to cushion! So the tah-dah moment will involve the spare room day bed and all its plumpiness! 🙂

I’ve called this post ‘Growing’ which implies that there are other things growing! This year I have managed to plant some seeds, and flowers and vegetables are now growing well. A friend gave me some dwarf beans and another friend three little plants. A tomato, a mini corn, and a cauliflower! While the beans have stood still and a bug has been ‘at’ the leaves the other three are growing well.

006 004 005Food and water have  duly been administered and boy are they thirsty!

Being thirsty cropped up in my quiet time this morning. Jesus asked the Samaritan women for a drink while at the well (John 4). He ended up telling her about the ‘living’ water He could give to her… and to us. To grow in our faith and love for Him, we need to admit our mistakes, ask for forgiveness and be filled a fresh with this living water. So as I potter watering the plants I remember what Jesus said to the lady…

Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

Happy watering!


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