Trundling again!

Yes we’ve been away again. We packed everything up and loaded up the car. We hooked up our ‘little home on wheels’ and trundled down the A1 to St Neots. The sun was shining when we left but sadly it disappeared as we neared the camp site. We’ve been here two or three times. A pretty little site in the bend of the river and just far enough outside the town to give a gentle walk into the centre. The last time we went I discovered a great yarn department in the town’s main store and I had promised myself a wander down to look and drool over all the colours and textures. Anyway, this is what greeted us when we arrived….

003 013Puddles. Lots of puddles. Big and small. Deep enough for the ducks to swim and paddle. Yes they had really taken up residence. The tents were no where to be seen. In there place the ducks waddled and paddled…

005 007 009And over head the sky became a deep charcoal grey….

011 012before dropping these little beads….

014Can you see the little white beads? Glittering the grass?

But it wasn’t all grey skies. No, Sunday was beautiful. A special day (anniversary day!) and the sun shone! We went off to Bury St Edmunds. A chance to visit the cathedral. Over the years we have visited most of them now. One or two ‘new’ ones still to go, but the list is nearly complete! My camera doesn’t always take the normal views when we visit these towering buildings. I usually take shots of things I want to use. Patterns, colours, shapes, contrasts. St Edmund’s is a little different. There is not a lot of age to most of the stone work. A tower was planned originally but was never built, until the Millennium. So the painting is very crisp and clear. I’m not sure I like it. Perhaps the ‘new’ parts should be completely different and not faux Gothic. Oh well – photos…..

018 020 019The kneelers were beautifully stitched…

021 022Pattern was very prominent….

023 026 029 030From the very ornate to the simplicity of this cross, suspended high in the centre.  Fitting really…

024Time to think, to contemplate and pray…

027To remember He is with us no matter what….

028Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Daniel 3.

Oh and the yarn shop visit? Not to be this time. The rain returned big time so we made a hasty, early return home. Ashame, but it will be there the next time we trundle down the A1!

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2 Responses to Trundling again!

  1. karen says:

    it rains, then the sun shines and it rains some more. At least you did get to see a little beauty, even if it wasn’t yarn….

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