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What lovely weather we are having, sunshine, the odd shower and the occasional breeze. We have taken to sitting outside after our dinner. Letting the coolness of the evening refresh us and relax us. It is one of those positives … Continue reading

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And finally…

So, and finally! Our last few days in Jerusalem were hard work for me. I have been struggling for a while. Life has been flat and on occasions very vacant, but that is part of me. I have not been … Continue reading

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Relax 3

A lot of the roads lead up to Jerusalem, a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. Eating out at night, sitting underneath the stars is a must. I couldn’t put my finger on what was so different to eating out here. It was … Continue reading

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Relax 2

Hello again. I forgot this little gem. Before leaving for the Galilee we went to the Museum of the Diaspora in Tel Aviv. Some beautiful works here and a great coffee shop. It was the use of textiles to tell … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

It has been a bit full on here over the last few weeks. I’ve been decorating. Whenever I visit someone on blogland, I have looked at their craft spaces and oooo-ed and ahhh-ed and WISHed. Oh how I have dreamed … Continue reading

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Pulled up!

Do you ever get pulled up short? You know the feeling,when you do something and then realise that you did something similar not so long ago? Well that happened to me today. I try and do my quiet time every … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Well the clock has struck midnight and with a minute past, 2014 has begun!  So Happy New Year everyone!  I hope it brings you lots of happiness in everything you do! Now that leads me into the world of resolutions. … Continue reading

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Do you ever get a period of asking yourself questions? The ‘what, where, why’ sort of questions. Well from time to time these questions rear their head and it isn’t always a good time.  I have been through a week … Continue reading

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Super Ted! and happiness!

He made a little peep here just a quick hello. A look to say ‘do you like me?’ ‘Have we got it right?’ The answer was a rousing ‘YES!!’ So 18TWO design (a brilliant young designer – but I may … Continue reading

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I love churches.  The architecture.  The feel.  That sense of quietness.  The colours.  The stained glass windows.  Every year we visit the ‘major’ churches where ever we go.  Mr A would like to visit all the cathedrals here, and he, … Continue reading

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