Bang, bang.

Oh isn’t it a grey day today. Really murky and uninspiring! It was yesterday too, but in between all the chores that a stay at home lady must do, I found the time to experiment and play. Paper and card, glue and scissors, thread and needle. Voila!

004Spots and stripes and a little bit of plain. I have been getting to grips with  beginners book binding and I’m rather pleased with the way they turned out.

001 003Two sheets of A4 card and several sheets of plain cream paper and some careful stitches gave me four books.

002 005So, five colours gave me twenty books. Not bad for in between all those jobs!

I have decided to do one last Christmas coffee morning for the Sunshine School.  I have loved making all the bits and pieces that I sell, but there are only so many head bands and bobbles you can entice your friends and family to buy. Ooooohhhhh I hear you say! Don’t worry. I have a new plan in the offing which is not quite ready to appear. Watch this space!!

In the mean time, you can read and refresh yourselves with the school here.



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2 Responses to Bang, bang.

  1. Lynne says:

    They look lovely. Be interesting to see what else you have in mind.
    Your trip away sounds interesting too.
    Funny, I though I’d left a comment on your Alnmouth post, seeing as it’s in our neck of the woods. The computer must have been having a glitch that day, or was that me? Sorry I didn’t follow it up. Alnmouth is a favourite place of mine, lovely. So nice to see that you’ve been there.

    • alisonb2 says:

      Hello again. Yes you did leave a comment. It was on the flower post! I hope you have had a good summer. It has soon disappeared. Enjoy the autumn colours!

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