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Bang, bang.

Oh isn’t it a grey day today. Really murky and uninspiring! It was yesterday too, but in between all the chores that a stay at home lady must do, I found the time to experiment and play. Paper and card, … Continue reading

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OK, here we go.  My first post with photos from my new camera.  I’m not sure what they will turn out like but hey ho!!  My Son gave me this beautiful card for my birthday and a special sketch pad … Continue reading

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Ready, Steady……

Well hello there!  A whole month has passed by and I’ve been busy, busy, busy.  Click click click, clack clack clack, in and out, and through and pull; busy, busy, busy, BuSy!!!!!  Tomorrow is the day for the Sunshine School … Continue reading

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Yes we have lights, camera, action!  The problem?  A whole new pack of 8 batteries that were all flat!  Mr A thought it was a little suspicious so he tried the batteries out of the oofa doofa – you know … Continue reading

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Getting Ready.

I have been getting ready for the Sunshine School craft stall in July and my little stock is growing.  Slowly but growing.  I have a bundle of Lavendar Bears already in their little basket…. Peeping out here, there and everywhere…. … Continue reading

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Flowers and a rainbow.

Flowers can bring lots of messages.  They can say ‘I love you’ and show how much you care.  They can say ‘I’m sorry’ and be a peace offering.  But for whatever message they bring they will always make you smile, … Continue reading

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