Hello there, just wanted to say I’m moving! Moving my thoughts in a different direction and so have moved the thread on to Leaves2  This will be more about the things I make and design. My inspiration. My thought processes. The tah-dah moments, before introducing the things into my Etsy shop. So I hope you will enjoy watching and perhaps even find inspiration for yourselves. But if you use my pictures please ask first, I won’t bite! 🙂 Happy crafting!

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A Quick Update!

Just a few words to say, watch this space for new developments on the way. Keep smiling!

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Hic…. hic…. hic!!!!

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma.  A question in my mind. A bit of mulling over to do.  Do I carry on or stop? I mean to stop blogging. It’s a question I have posed a few times but this time it is different.  Why? Well I have hit my limit in my media library. Actually I hit it a while ago and didn’t twig the real reason why my photos would not upload! What did I do then? I went right back to the beginning of the library and deleted a few photos. Oh no! Not only was I deleting them from the library, I was also deleting them from my blog posts! Ooopps! No OOOOOPPPSSS! So I have started to look at the options. Mulling them over. I really need to think why am I writing a blog. Why am I showing you all the things I make and do? What is the purpose and for who’s benefit? I’m sure you can help me. 🙂

What if I wrote but didn’t post any photos? Would that work?  No I don’t think so. I am a very visual person and when I visit other people’s blogs it is the pictures that draw me in. So that isn’t an option.

What if I went to the next level of ownership? Paying a set amount a month to write and publish my photos. Well that is a possibility except the payment is taken in one hit. Hmmmm… Not an option at the moment.

What if I wait for a few months until I finish something that is in the pipeline and see where it takes me? Now that could be an option.

What do I do in the mean time? Well Lucy at Attic 24, Fi at Marmaladerose, and Suezybees have there Facebook page. So does Forever Quilts. And I do have a page for Leaf Creations by alisonb2. Hmmmm… Now that could certainly be an option.

Obviously the focus of a Facebook page would be different. It wouldn’t be quite so personal. The posts would be shorter, but I would be able to show you what I am doing in my little craft world! Perhaps that’s it! Perhaps this is the way I should go! Shall we try it and see how we go? I will have to work out the different posting aspect. Perhaps I could post a couple of photos a week of inspiration as well as my craft. That way you can see what I found in Tewkesbury and at Sudeley  Castle. Yes I’m definitely liking this option! 🙂 Please stay with me as I try things out. It may be only for a short time, until Christmas, but it will keep you, me and the Sunshine School in contact.

So where to go. Just follow the link and I’ll see you there! Leaf Creations by alisonb2


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Ooops! Just having a slight hiccough in the writing so sorry that Tewkesbury and Sudeley Castle are on the back burner at the moment. Hope to be with you soon! 🙂

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The thing that hit me the most about the Worcester Ceramics was the colour. Not just in the actual pieces of porcelain, but in the overall displays. They had taken great care in the positioning of the artifacts, enhancing them with props and insights into the manufacture.  The China tea was the first example….

004Note the loose leaf tea scattered underneath the cups and the tea box in the background.

Move on to the full English tea table….

008007Elegant drapes for an elegant piece….

026Perhaps not my cup of tea! But the next few photos are very much me….

028029Such palettes of colour….

041and very inspiring….

042Not just for my painting but printing is a possibility….


044in gold….

043and a wow!

045This man showed me how it was done. Such steady hands – and mind!

013009All the tools of the trade!

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Sitting Pretty!

We’ve been away. Just for a short stay but a very much needed one. Our little home on wheels trundled across to the Malvern hills to the little village of Hanley Swan. It has been a while since we last visited here, and we knew it was going to be quiet and restful. Just what we needed. So it was a time to soak up the atmosphere and recharge the batteries. Lots of ‘cuppas’ and sitting pretty!! Bliss……

Having said that we did venture out. Three times! Worcester, Winchcombe, and Tewkesbury. Three little trips to three special places. Lots of photos. Lots of information to process and I even heard my husband say “I’m all porcelain-ed out!” Normally it is me scooting round the museums twice, sometimes three times, while Mr A reads and reads. Every little nugget of information carefully stored ready to explain things to me on the way home. But not this time! Nope, this time he sat and waited for me. Sitting pretty!!

And this is what my trusty camera saw… well some of it. I have enough photos for several posts. Enough for you to sit pretty with your cuppa!

First stop Worcester. When you say Worcester to people several things come to mind. Cricket. Civil War. Cathedral. China. Well we missed the England Ladies one day match on the Monday – drizzle. We were all genned up on the Civil War after our trip to the new Civil War museum in Newark. (Well worth a visit). The Cathedral we visited last time, but we hadn’t been to the Worcester Porcelain museum. So twice round the ring round – yes we got lost, a multi-storey car park, a gentle stroll in the sunshine – drizzle all dried up, a cup of the finest coffee in a quirky coffee shop – note no cake, and we were ready for the audio tour. Click on the number and listen. Henry Sandon featured  on the dialogue. Philip Serrell sponsored a display. And Jamie Oliver put in an appearance in a display. Well his picture did! So for this post we’ll look at the ceramics.

001004005 015 017 023032 033 035045 047All finished off by another cup of coffee and this time CAKE!

052Sitting pretty!

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What lovely weather we are having, sunshine, the odd shower and the occasional breeze. We have taken to sitting outside after our dinner. Letting the coolness of the evening refresh us and relax us. It is one of those positives we can often take for granted. So while I sit I have been knitting. People often say “Oh it’s too hot to knit in the summer”, but when you have little balls of wool in lots of different colours you know you just have to keep on and discover what they will look like together!

I have finished the multi-coloured piece from the last post…..

007Yes it grew quite nicely. Not into a square as I ran out of yarn for one colour, but into an oblong. (I do like that word – oblong. It went out of fashion while I was teaching and was replaced by rectangle, but it has such a descriptive sound. ooooobbbbbllloooonnnnggg!) Oops! So to go with the ooobblloonnggg, I have started another piece which is growing.

001That’s not knitting! No that is the result of knitting with lots of little balls of wool. 22 colours binding together and splitting apart before coming together again.002A real rainbow of colour! (It is a lot bigger now, but that is for another day.)

003The colour chart on the left is what I am vaguely aiming for, called the triangle cushion. The bag/cushion debate has landed on to cushion! So the tah-dah moment will involve the spare room day bed and all its plumpiness! 🙂

I’ve called this post ‘Growing’ which implies that there are other things growing! This year I have managed to plant some seeds, and flowers and vegetables are now growing well. A friend gave me some dwarf beans and another friend three little plants. A tomato, a mini corn, and a cauliflower! While the beans have stood still and a bug has been ‘at’ the leaves the other three are growing well.

006 004 005Food and water have  duly been administered and boy are they thirsty!

Being thirsty cropped up in my quiet time this morning. Jesus asked the Samaritan women for a drink while at the well (John 4). He ended up telling her about the ‘living’ water He could give to her… and to us. To grow in our faith and love for Him, we need to admit our mistakes, ask for forgiveness and be filled a fresh with this living water. So as I potter watering the plants I remember what Jesus said to the lady…

Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

Happy watering!


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