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I have started two new projects recently. Having enjoyed my course Swathed in Stitch with Karen, I finally found the time and the ‘get up and go’ to cut and snip; to hook in and out; and to press, fold … Continue reading

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… inside my hook has been hooking, my needle has been stitching and the sewing machine has been whizzzzzzing! And oh yes the knitting needles have been flying too! I’ve finally finished the blue yarn that was in the basket. … Continue reading

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Quick, quick!

Yes quick, quick! Today is the 31st of March and I haven’t written a blog post for March yet – oops! So as I sit here with the football on and Italy having just scored, I will put pen to … Continue reading

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Here come the girls!

Let me introduce you to my little girls. Flora and Florence. Two little girls all ready to hold two little nighties! Flora is on the left with a pale lemon dress and Florence on the right in green. I have … Continue reading

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A little learning.

I have been playing and learning and then tweaking. Just a little bit.  Well actually quite a bit!  A very steep learning curve. What have I been doing? Remember this post “A little bit of this..” when I hinted at … Continue reading

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Yes it is the first tah-dah of the year! I could have done it yesterday but we trundled our way down to Cheltenham on a family visit.  It was fairly blustery and very cold but it was good to see … Continue reading

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Just a few.

In between my photos I have been busy. Busy doing just a few. Just a few little stitches. Some here, some there and it has been growing. Yes my tapestry is growing.  Firstly square by square… Remember a few days … Continue reading

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A little bit of this…

I’ve been enjoying playing about with my camera. Framing, zooming, whizzing and clicking! Lots and lots of photos carefully saved on my little laptop. Choosing one or two each day for the tah-dah moment.  Loving that you’ve visited to have … Continue reading

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Stitch, stitch.

One of the things that sold well at the craft stall were my mobile phone cases.  In fact I had some requests and it is these ‘requests’ that I have been stitching since we got back from our week away.  … Continue reading

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It’s raining and it’s pouring, the old…….

Yes it has been raining here.  All week the heavens have opened and the rain has steadily pitter pattered its way down. Yes, the rain came down and the floods….. no not really. We just had great big puddles!  But … Continue reading

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