Sitting Pretty!

We’ve been away. Just for a short stay but a very much needed one. Our little home on wheels trundled across to the Malvern hills to the little village of Hanley Swan. It has been a while since we last visited here, and we knew it was going to be quiet and restful. Just what we needed. So it was a time to soak up the atmosphere and recharge the batteries. Lots of ‘cuppas’ and sitting pretty!! Bliss……

Having said that we did venture out. Three times! Worcester, Winchcombe, and Tewkesbury. Three little trips to three special places. Lots of photos. Lots of information to process and I even heard my husband say “I’m all porcelain-ed out!” Normally it is me scooting round the museums twice, sometimes three times, while Mr A reads and reads. Every little nugget of information carefully stored ready to explain things to me on the way home. But not this time! Nope, this time he sat and waited for me. Sitting pretty!!

And this is what my trusty camera saw… well some of it. I have enough photos for several posts. Enough for you to sit pretty with your cuppa!

First stop Worcester. When you say Worcester to people several things come to mind. Cricket. Civil War. Cathedral. China. Well we missed the England Ladies one day match on the Monday – drizzle. We were all genned up on the Civil War after our trip to the new Civil War museum in Newark. (Well worth a visit). The Cathedral we visited last time, but we hadn’t been to the Worcester Porcelain museum. So twice round the ring round – yes we got lost, a multi-storey car park, a gentle stroll in the sunshine – drizzle all dried up, a cup of the finest coffee in a quirky coffee shop – note no cake, and we were ready for the audio tour. Click on the number and listen. Henry Sandon featured  on the dialogue. Philip Serrell sponsored a display. And Jamie Oliver put in an appearance in a display. Well his picture did! So for this post we’ll look at the ceramics.

001004005 015 017 023032 033 035045 047All finished off by another cup of coffee and this time CAKE!

052Sitting pretty!

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