Hic…. hic…. hic!!!!

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma.  A question in my mind. A bit of mulling over to do.  Do I carry on or stop? I mean to stop blogging. It’s a question I have posed a few times but this time it is different.  Why? Well I have hit my limit in my media library. Actually I hit it a while ago and didn’t twig the real reason why my photos would not upload! What did I do then? I went right back to the beginning of the library and deleted a few photos. Oh no! Not only was I deleting them from the library, I was also deleting them from my blog posts! Ooopps! No OOOOOPPPSSS! So I have started to look at the options. Mulling them over. I really need to think why am I writing a blog. Why am I showing you all the things I make and do? What is the purpose and for who’s benefit? I’m sure you can help me. 🙂

What if I wrote but didn’t post any photos? Would that work?  No I don’t think so. I am a very visual person and when I visit other people’s blogs it is the pictures that draw me in. So that isn’t an option.

What if I went to the next level of ownership? Paying a set amount a month to write and publish my photos. Well that is a possibility except the payment is taken in one hit. Hmmmm… Not an option at the moment.

What if I wait for a few months until I finish something that is in the pipeline and see where it takes me? Now that could be an option.

What do I do in the mean time? Well Lucy at Attic 24, Fi at Marmaladerose, and Suezybees have there Facebook page. So does Forever Quilts. And I do have a page for Leaf Creations by alisonb2. Hmmmm… Now that could certainly be an option.

Obviously the focus of a Facebook page would be different. It wouldn’t be quite so personal. The posts would be shorter, but I would be able to show you what I am doing in my little craft world! Perhaps that’s it! Perhaps this is the way I should go! Shall we try it and see how we go? I will have to work out the different posting aspect. Perhaps I could post a couple of photos a week of inspiration as well as my craft. That way you can see what I found in Tewkesbury and at Sudeley  Castle. Yes I’m definitely liking this option! 🙂 Please stay with me as I try things out. It may be only for a short time, until Christmas, but it will keep you, me and the Sunshine School in contact.

So where to go. Just follow the link and I’ll see you there! Leaf Creations by alisonb2



About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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