Quick, quick!

Yes quick, quick! Today is the 31st of March and I haven’t written a blog post for March yet – oops! So as I sit here with the football on and Italy having just scored, I will put pen to paper. Well fingers to keys I suppose.

March. This month has gone by so quickly. (There’s that word again!) My days have flown by into weeks and now the weeks into a month. So what have I been up to? I have walked with good friends. I try and walk twice a week, usually a 6 mile and a 4 mile walk. We look at the countryside, the flowers that are out, the hedges that are just bursting into life and the animals that are bounding around. Yes we have been treated to snowdrops, daffodils, primroses, cyclamen, a true carpet of colour. The Hawthorn is just starting to leaf, but the catkins have been there a while now. And the bounding? Well the lambs are out and about of course! Sheer bliss. 🙂

I have managed to have two little sessions in the garden. Two bright sunny hours. Only two I’m afraid. It has been very cold of late. I often find that when I have the time to potter in the garden the weather is against me and when I am away  doing other things the weather says “You can come out and garden today!” Never mind. I have promised to venture out this Easter weekend. Plans are a foot in the garden….

Sewing has featured this month – well actually it has been apart of my life since January. Slowly, slowly this time. Methodical in and out of the needle. I found the blog of Karen Ruane last year. I’m not sure whether I have mentioned Karen before, but she is a very talented and inspiring lady. AND she likes to share her skills! Enrollment followed and I started her January on line classes. Following her tutorials I can now tie off a thread neatly (sounds pretty basic but no one has ever shown me the simple step before); make French Knots, Bullion Stitches, Bullion Bridges, Web Stitch, and Stab Stitch; doodle patterns and pictures; and share my findings with other like minded people! Oh I have met many people from all over the world. The Flickr group has a wealth of tips and projects from all these people and I am so grateful for their encouragement. If you find you have the time do enrol on one of Karen’s courses. Swathed in Stitches is drawing to a close, but I have loads more videos to watch and projects to try. My mind is brimming full with ideas! It isn’t about the speed you do something. It is about the enjoyment and boy have I had a lot of that!!! Thank you Karen. 🙂

So just a quick recap on the things in my basket from  January – that’s two whole months ago – yikes! The blue wool is nearing completion. The Alpaca yarn is now a scarf and the green cotton hasn’t moved on any. February was a painting post and I have continued to go each Friday and paint and draw. Pictures? Well just a few…

001 008 007 006 004Happy March!

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  1. contemporaryembroidery says:

    you’re welcome!!! I am so pleased you enjoyed our company 🙂

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