I can’t believe that we are nearly at the end of February already! All the things I was going to do and very few of them started let a lone done! Oh well, breathe…… I’ve taken to stopping myself, to breathe and take stock. It does wonders for the mind and being. Nothing mystical just a deep breath and then breathe! I can feel myself unwinding and calming down. It’s good!

I’ve also been playing my worship DVDs a lot. New ones, given to me at Christmas by my lovely husband. I have 2 songs which I just love. Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) and This I Believe (The Creed). Both by Hillsong. I could play them over and over…..

But anyway, back to the post in hand. My husband also gave me a beautiful wooden box for Christmas…

005I think it is of beech wooden, well quite light with a beautiful grain. It came all the way from St. Petersburg. Can you make out the logo on the top? A clue to what’s inside…

004They all looked like sweets carefully wrapped, but they’re not. Nope.. individual cakes of paint. The most delicious cakes of bright intense colours! Wow! I was just gobsmacked! 48 little packets. I have carefully written all their names down in the order they are in the box. I was a little scared of them at first. Proper paints… eek! I am loving them now. As you can see I haven’t opened them all yet, just the ones I have needed. Lovely!

Last September I decided to try to get to grips with people. Bodies, heads, profiles, full on, back, bent, sitting, standing. All the poses that I have shied away from. Well basically I just didn’t ‘do’ people and it has paid off. I found an old book at Christmas which my Dad rescued from a skip or rubbish bin. A beautiful book all about the Middle East and as I love Israel so much I thought I would have a go at the people in the book. So this is what I have been doing at my Friday Art Group…

003This is ‘The Shepherd’ standing and sitting…

002 And then today I finished my Ploughman.

001My people are definitely getting better, not perfect but better. What next?Β  A Syrian lady dressed in blue which means I get to open some more little cakes.. πŸ™‚

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  1. Wow…brilliant Alison! πŸ™‚

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