Relax 2

Hello again. I forgot this little gem. Before leaving for the Galilee we went to the Museum of the Diaspora in Tel Aviv. Some beautiful works here and a great coffee shop. It was the use of textiles to tell the story of the Jewish people that spoke loudly to me. The use of stump work with tapestry and applique was so imaginative. Loved it…..

039 040 041 042 043Beit Bracha is a beautiful place. The balconies over look the Sea and the garden has some lovely flowers. Remember?  We joined each other for breakfast around a huge table. Fresh fruit (very fresh) homemade granola, homemade lemon curd, toast and other salads. What a treat! Yes this was a place I would go back to.

214 215On the wall in the lounge was a very pretty decoration based on the passage of love in Corinthians. Always a favourite at a wedding!  My mind went into a spin as a project began to come together.

209 213 212 211210 I have been collecting ‘inchies or pinnies’ on my pinterest board. The idea of doing something tiny intrigues me. Small stitches. Small patches. Little pieces of colour carefully stitched together. All I have needed is a starting point and what could be better than something that means something to me. Have you guessed? Together with the Hebrew script the above pictures are going to be my journey’s beginning. I have been following a lady called Karen. She is extremely good at her embroidery mostly done in white. Do have a browse. But what she does as well is to experiment in her ledgers. Drawing and making notes and trying out different stitches. These ledgers are as important to her as the finished  item and I love them! So my journey will start with a bit of ledger work I think! Hmmm….

Following a dip in the Galilee for some of the group and a very special dip/baptism in the Jordan for our son (there wasn’t a dry eye amongst us), we began the trip down to Jerusalem or should I say up to Jerusalem!243 244More to follow……!

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