You’ve probably gathered by now that I have been to Israel and back.  Two weeks in The Land. In the glorious sunshine. Soaking up the warmth. I have been three times now. (Click here and here to see what happened before). This time we had promised ourselves a more leisurely holiday. Time to look and think and inwardly digest. Did we achieve this? I’m not sure, but perhaps when I look back after these posts I will be able to say ‘YES, that was good!’

We started our time away in Tel Aviv staying at Beit Immanuel. The House of God with us. This used  to be Sir Peter Ustinov’s great grandfather’s property and the garden that is still there dates from the 1870s. Including this Banyan Tree!

056 057 058Fascinating isn’t it? All those stems!

A gentle stroll on our first night to see the sea – which I love – and all the lights. Breath taking.

004006008 009  011 010During the day it is busy and colourful. Tourists and locals all mixed together. Not quite my cup of tea but a real experience!

Now Galilee is a different world. So calm and peaceful. Here we stayed at Beit Bracha. The House of Blessings. On the way a view over Haifa …

084And our first view over the Galilee from our guest house that night was the beautiful moon! Really red/orange. Remember?   On the next day we were sailed away, treated to a display of casting a net and a gentle roll to the boat.

117 115 107A change of scenery with views of Mount Herman and River Herman Springs. (Not a lot of water this time).

161164 And a stop off at the Golan Winery. Sip sip….

185 192Back to the guest house, a quick brush up and a birthday dinner in Tiberias sitting beside the lake. Cheers! (More tomorrow) 🙂



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