Happy Easter!

It has been a bit full on here over the last few weeks. I’ve been decorating. Whenever I visit someone on blogland, I have looked at their craft spaces and oooo-ed and ahhh-ed and WISHed. Oh how I have dreamed of having my own craft space. I have contemplated a little summer house at the bottom of the garden, or a little room at the back of the garage, but they have all been just that bit too out of reach. Lots and lots of money to turn a dream into a reality. And what if it didn’t work? What if the winter was too cold or too wet to keep my craft stashes dry? No, it was just a step too far. So my eyes looked anew and my mind started again.

It was really Vivienne over at Green Rabbits Design  that made the leap for me. A little craft room in the little bedroom! Of course why didn’t I think of that, there are lots out there in Blogland. So that is what I have been doing. Turning that little bedroom into a craft room. The paint came out of the garage, with rollers and brushes, and little step ladders. Kitchen roll and dust sheets, and plenty of wet cloths. (I’m a very messy decorator!!) The room was cleared and sanded and was already for action. Ahhhhh!

Now, with a splish and a splash, it is done. Barley White walls and a white ceiling have covered up the coffee colours and blue, which have been there for nearly 10 years! And I LIKE big time! Things are finding their places. My stashes of yarn, fabric and lots of other things are taking shape, and this time next week we should have that tah-dah moment. Ooooo I’m thrilled! Mr A commented last night about me “pottering in my nest!” 🙂 In a way Mr A, in a way. The room is full of my things and I can do what I like. No tidying up if a young man appears to sleep for a couple of nights. I can shut the door on my mess with not a care in the world. I know I won’t do that, it will have to be  tidy!!! But I could if I wanted too! Ahhh!  The photos are not quite ready yet to show you. There is a lot more organising to do. Tweaking and tidying – that is just me! Sooo…..

I do have these photos of our garden taken yesterday in the beautiful sunshine. Enjoy the flowers and marvel at God’s creation especially now. Easter time is such an important time of year. The time when my Lord died for me, taking all my sins away. And then rising again to sit next to God and be with me always. Just ask Him to do the same for you, for He will.  Happy Easter!

017 018 021 022 015HE IS RISEN!

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4 Responses to Happy Easter!

  1. Angie(DancingLawn) says:

    He is risen, indeed!
    Hi Alison. I’m happy about your new crafting space. I did the same with my son’s old room and I love it.
    Happy Easter!

  2. How exciting Alison, you won’t regret it, I love my space! 🙂
    Happy Easter,
    V x

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