Full on…. with a few sit downs!

It has been a ‘get things done’ day today. A brisk walk into town – the long way round as the short cut was closed! Good for the figure – cough cough! The bank, library and a bit of shopping and then a sit down with a coffee. Ahhh bliss. 🙂 Then a short time in the garden. Well it was a little longer than I first intended but well worth the extra time.  The flowers are blooming all a round. Our garden always smiles in the Spring time.

014 015Lots of yellow and bluey purple. Beautiful!

017 018There are the daffodils too and one or two white tulips. I’m not sure where they came from! The next lot of shoots are beginning to grow in readiness for the pink and white look that takes over  to smile a different way.

019Yes there are a few weeds too, but the earth is still extremely wet. Yuck!

Following a lunch of broccoli and blue cheese soup and a tidy up of the tools, I collected things together to have another go at wet felting. This was my second play. I found a really good tutorial on pinterest and having played it twice I thought I could actually give it a go! It takes me a little while to pluck up the courage to actually do something new. I have had the rovings and soap for two or three years, and I have got them out several times only to put them away untried. Silly really but that’s me! Anyway, last Thursday I went for it and said to myself ‘If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work’. Profound or what?! Well it kind of worked.

001 002I had four flower shapes at the end of the morning, which looked ok when damp. As they dried I wasn’t as keen on them, but I had had a go! The light blue one and the poppy were the best, although they were a little thin. Back to the drawing board. So today I took the pink one and added some more thickness to it and started a new piece as well.

003 004I don’t think I am doing it right yet but it is a work in progress. Some of my rovings are nice and soft and some are a little course. The overall effect is a little hairy!  Perhaps they are for wet and dry needle felting. Hmmm – need to think on that one. Anyway they are drying now. Will work on them tomorrow and see if I can make something out of them!

The weekend saw me using some shop bought felt. Remember my little letters? Well they are now key rings ready for the Conference in July.

005I also managed a bit of hooky too on Saturday. An old scarf has now had the crochet treatment injecting a new lease of life.

011 012 013This is obviously the in thing, as I noticed this morning in the ‘upmarket’ shop window a range of Pashminas with crocheted fringing! I am definitely doing some of these for July.

Having been so busy I am having a well earned break with a cuppa now, while I write all this down. This could be a long sit down.  Phew! Lots to share! Have a good week and I’ll see you soon. Now where is that biscuit tin………

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2 Responses to Full on…. with a few sit downs!

  1. That is a beautiful edging on your scarf Alison. 🙂

  2. karen says:

    I love your felt pieces….and you know I am a big fan of sampling so test, test, test!

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