I have just come back from a brisk walk to town, and boy is it nippy! The sun was shining and I had only put my jacket on but I did have my lovely pink and orange scarf on. Loosely wrapped round my neck and looped over. Snugly and soft. I have a real love affair with scarves. Thick ones, soft cashmere ones, bright ones, more subtle ones, patterned and plain. An overflowing draw full and a hanger laden in the wardrobe. Lots and lots and lots!

Right at the very back are, or shall I say were, a heap of soft, light, thin silky ones. Now these were all the rage 10 to 15 years ago. I wore these differently to the ones I wear now. I used to twist these and then knot through the twist. More like a necklace. Chunky and stylish (well they were then I thought!). But fashions change and these have been languishing at the back. What a waste, for I do love their colours. So I did a bit of thinking and looked again at what Fanalaine was doing with hers on ravelry  and had a go. A bit of up cycling. A bit of redesigning. And yes, a bit of crochet!

012 013I’m smiling! It works. It no longer flies away. The extra weight gives it substance and I like it a lot! So I pulled out another one and this time looked in a Christmas present book.

014 015A neater edging but the weight is there. Yes, perhaps it is something to consider for the Sun Shine School fundraising pot.



The Sun Shine School has been in my mind for a couple of weeks now. I have had a break from making little things and was putting an idea together for something else. Remember my little girls? Felicity was on her way. Well after looking into things and reading a couple of articles I found I needed a CE mark. The information from Trading Standards proved a bit too complicated, so my little girls will be given away and I will stick to non toys from now on. Oh I know they were nightie cases and not toys, but they look too much like a toy! I will finish Felicity and may be have a give away here. She is almost done…

021 022So I am back to some letters. A bit of gentle cross stitch.

018A bit of trying out. So as they say watch this space. Happy creating!


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6 Responses to Scarves.

  1. frilka says:

    loving the scarves! 🙂

  2. Janette says:

    The scarves look awesome 🙂

  3. cathy daniel says:

    Gorgeous scarves, but I am quite taken with the little letters – very sweet and so colourful. xCathy

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