Shhh Easter is coming!

Things are gathering pace for Easter. It was our last Craft Club at church before Easter and the ladies made some beautiful Decopatch eggs and coasters.

001Tearing up the papers into little bits and then positioning and gluing with the brush. A little bit of chatter in between. It all added to the enjoyment of the day.

002The seventeen ladies really like the chance to sit and craft in a relaxed way. Coffee mugs and buttered scones often find their way onto the table amidst the glue pots! The eldest lady is 97 closely followed by another lady at 95. I hope I am as active and dextrous as they are at that age! Their eggs were lovely….

004Sadly the wooden egg cups were late in coming so we had to make do with an egg box!

008Pretty aren’t they?

003006They looked very pretty as they decorated the tables for lunch time.

010Eggs, butterflies and in the field up the road are these little fluffy youngsters…

013They first appeared last week so this one is about a week old. Mum is quite near by but nestled right down in the grass was this little bundle!

011 A lot smaller and sooooo cute! I was creeping along the fence behind the hedge, but when I stood up to go back to the car, this one couldn’t resist a puzzled stare…

017The wind has been really strong today. I think that was why all the lambs were nestled down. The daffodils were blowing about a bit too, but in between gusts I managed to take their smiling faces.

024 021 023So eggs, butterflies, lambs and daffodils…. yes Easter is just a round the corner.

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