Daffodils. What words do you think of when you see a daffodil? Beautiful? Bright? Smiley? Springtime? All of these? Yes they all speak volumes. After the little snowy nodding heads of the snowdrop, the daffodil really announces that spring is well and truly here. Winter is over (eek should I have said that?)and with Lent started, Easter is just around the corner. The time of gardening and planning. We still have plans from last year that we didn’t finish, so they will be top of the list, but a big bag of compost is required soon. Sometimes we pick up the freebies from newspapers and magazines. Sometimes we don’t. Two weeks ago we did. About 12 packets of seeds. Flower seeds, salad seeds, herbs, and vegetable seeds. All lined up in a row waiting for that scattering. And while they wait I have been buying daffodils. Just to keep me in the mood. Beautiful. Bright. Smiley. Springtime flowers.

003A vase full in the shade. A vase on the hearth in the sunshine.

004Pretty aren’t they. Be creative they cry…

005So a close up followed by the shadows…

006007Then time to play with the ‘P’ button!

008It always appears as if I’m looking through a filter. I suppose it is the time factor.

009Just look at the shadow and that intensity, that brightness….


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2 Responses to Daffodils.

  1. Crooked Tracks says:


  2. My craft corner says:

    Beautiful, spring has sprung and its so very welcome! 🙂

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