Here come the girls!

Let me introduce you to my little girls. Flora and Florence. Two little girls all ready to hold two little nighties!

006Flora is on the left with a pale lemon dress and Florence on the right in green. I have learned a lot making these littlies and have tweaked the patterns several times. They are nearly there….

008one or two more little tweaks.003Just a little alteration to the neck line….

002and one to the actual size of the head. Both will be added to Felicity… Felicity? She is waiting for her dress so you can meet her next time. Then a little bit of trying out to see how the nighties fit, before I put a new one in my etsy shop. OOOoooo extraciting! I hope you like Flora and Florence! Byeeeee!

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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5 Responses to Here come the girls!

  1. Love your little ladies Alison, I really like Flora’s sailor collar! 🙂

  2. karen says:

    these are so cute Alison! I also sense that these two could be a little mischievous!!

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