Drip, drip.

What a contrast to yesterday. Yesterday I actually managed a walk up over the tops. We could see for miles across the Trent valley. It was crystal clear. Breathtaking. But when I walk with a friend I don’t like to take my camera with me. It is too cumbersome and we have to swing our arms you know. Just to get the old calories going! I think I shall have to get my old Kodak point and shoot camera out of the drawer for some snappy shots ….. hmmm!

Anyway, what a contrast! Today everywhere is dripping nicely. Drip,drip…. which is fine. Friday is art club day as I have said before. We trundle along to the WI hall and set up the tables and chairs, coffee and biscuits and paint or draw. Since the lady who I sit next to, nudged me into trying water colours I haven’t stopped. I really quite enjoy the drip drip of another kind. I’m starting to create a style. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. But that is OK. Playing about with the drip drips is learning time! This week I used the Masking Fluid. I was all organised last night and dabbed some on. Just here and there….

003trying to mirror the little white flowers….

004I left it to dry over night and then packed it up and off we went to paint.  The snowdrops were just calling to be painted and they looked so sweet nestling into the pine needles. Pine needles hmmmm…. not easy, but hey ho if you don’t have a go… . I almost got the painting finished in the two and half hours, and now that I have put it up on the side and viewed it from every angle, it isn’t too bad!

005The masking fluid worked a treat! And rubbing it off at the appropriate time was great fun! I think I will definitely use it again. Drips that I didn’t mind falling.


P.S. Photo a day!? I think I have some consolidating to do, so will be using the techniques in my blogging time. Happy Valentine day! 🙂

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1 Response to Drip, drip.

  1. Happy Valentines Day Alison!
    Dripping here too (big time)! Love the snowdrops. 🙂

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