Cheating really!

The weather has been so awful that getting out and about to take some photos has been really difficult.  When the sun is out I am busy and when I’m free it is raining!  So yesterday when I went to pick up my husband and it wasn’t blowing a gale and dry to boot, I thought right – camera. My husband’s office is situated on a beautiful deer park with trees and rolling countryside. Bliss. It was dusk when I arrived and the deer had disappeared but the views were lovely….

016Can you see the trees in the distance? They had a lovely reddish hue. This beautiful wall covered in moss and lichen is actually the edge of the ha-ha. The deer can roam freely and be completely safe. To the other side it is a little more open with the road following the wall for a while….

023Swizzling around again and you are greeted with a carpet of these beauties….

008They are nestled into the bark topping and are just stunning!

005 006The trees are soooo tall and in the wind creak a bit but they are very majestic….

004The light was starting to go and the moon was really glowing which you saw yesterday. It was quite eerie amongst the trees, but when I came round the corner and saw this tree – wow!

024The photo doesn’t really do it justice. The bark was truly silver. And with the scent of this flower behind me….

025I wandered back past the Narnia light to the car.

028Stay safe in this windy!

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2 Responses to Cheating really!

  1. Beautiful photos Alison! 🙂

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