A little learning.

I have been playing and learning and then tweaking. Just a little bit.  Well actually quite a bit!  A very steep learning curve. What have I been doing? Remember this post “A little bit of this..” when I hinted at a project I was starting? The sketch has gathered momentum and collected fabric, ribbon, and yarn on its way. The scissors have snipped and the machine has whizzed to produce….

001A little Raggedy-ann. I twisted and turned and snipped to try and make a pattern. And yes, I have a pattern of sorts. Her neck needs tweaking and her head has an alteration or two, but it is there.

002Her face smiles and her plaits wriggle out of her cap. It needs a little bit of lace and perhaps some different eyes….

003With ribbons in her hair and around her collar, a satin tie on her broidery anglais pinny and a little secret behind…

004No it isn’t the sailor collar – perhaps a little smaller next time – or the long ties, but…

006there, hiding in her skirt. A little opening and overlapping. Just enough room for a little girl’s nightie. Carefully folded and placed inside ready for another night.

007So there we have Raggedy-ann – not her real name because this little lady is only a practice go. But I like her and I’m pleased she has come to live with me to look after my nightie while she lies on the bed…


About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to A little learning.

  1. Awe she’s lovely Alison! 🙂

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