Yes it is the first tah-dah of the year! I could have done it yesterday but we trundled our way down to Cheltenham on a family visit.  It was fairly blustery and very cold but it was good to see our son and taste his banana cake!  Delicious!! You’ll be on Bake Off before you know it!

Anyway back to the tah-dah. Yes I have finished it.  All those little stitches here and there. All going the same direction, building up the pattern. Square after square after square, and yes I’m liking it.

001Now, I’m going to grumble about the sun. Sorry and all that but the sun has washed the colours out of this picture. It is on an auto setting so should have been a perfect picture (not that you ever get a perfect picture) but the richness has gone. So try again….

002Still  a little faded but you can see the edging there.

005This is more like it! Out of the sun and on ‘P’ setting. I’m starting to bring what I have learned from my photo a day into my general taking. Tick! It looks so much more luxurious and the colours are true.  So on this occasion ‘Hello Mr Sunshine. It is wonderful to see you but just shutting the blind a minute for the final shot!’



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