A foursome.

Setting “Auto”


Setting “P”002

Setting “P with MF – F3.5 -1.5 ISO 400


Setting “P with MF – F4.5 -1.5 ISO 640


I love the richness of the second one, which was crying out to me to alter the lighting. I didn’t!  And I love the pin point of light reflection on the last one. I’m learning!

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to A foursome.

  1. karen says:

    it sounds like you have a new camera? Or is that a new toy?? Not that I’m an expert but your images look great to me. I wanted to thank you for the kind words you said about my work. I really appreciate that you took the time, Karen

    • alisonb2 says:

      Thanks Karen. No it isn’t new. I’ve just not got to grips with all the settings so having a play this year! 🙂

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