A little bit of this…

I’ve been enjoying playing about with my camera. Framing, zooming, whizzing and clicking! Lots and lots of photos carefully saved on my little laptop. Choosing one or two each day for the tah-dah moment.  Loving that you’ve visited to have a looksee! 🙂

But I’ve been enjoying a little bit of this and a little bit of that. In and out, up and down. Wrapping and pulling. Knitting needles and tapestry needles. All very methodical and relaxing………….   .   .. . .

Well the tapestry you have seen, but here are the next couple of squares..

012And knitting needles mean I have started knitting again. A jacket. The yarn is a charity shop find. Eight brand new 100g balls in a bright and cheery green. A very me colour! This is the third pattern I’ve looked at and finally settled on. Not too open but not too bulky. Just right! It has cables and texture and I love it! The colour here looks a bit dull which is a shame, but then it was dull outside.


And lastly I’ve been thinking. Planning. Mainly while I ironed, not a job I enjoy, but it does allow me to mull things over and listen to CDs. I love my Matt Redman CDs. Time to sing and praise.

And now my thinking has stepped on to the paper and the idea has gelled into something I’m liking!

008Something blue. Peeping in the corner.

009Something with a name and a very special secret. Shhhhhh…. You will have to creep back next week to see if the secret is ready!


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