Happy New Year!

003Well the clock has struck midnight and with a minute past, 2014 has begun!  So Happy New Year everyone!  I hope it brings you lots of happiness in everything you do!

Now that leads me into the world of resolutions. Last year’s resolutions were partially fulfilled so I can tick the box next to loose weight (yes I lost 2 stone), tick the box next to join an art group (thanks Christine for starting a local community art group), tick the box to learn/try something new (water colours and encaustic art), tick the box to catch up with old friends, and tick the box to walk more! Sadly health got in the way of seeing more of this country in which we live, but my little home on wheels is still there waiting! Likewise the garden – although we made inroads into it’s transformation! Oh yes my crafting!  I mustn’t forget my love of crafting. I switched half way through the year to large projects. I needed something to get my teeth into!  But I’ll show you in a minute. 🙂

So with my ticked boxes looking not too bad – it is amazing on how good you feel when you look back! – it is time to put down this year’s resolutions.

I have resurrected my filo fax. Remember those little ring binders that everyone had at the turn of the millennium. Well mine was a leather up market one!  OOOOooooo I hear you say! Yes it had a place for cards, information dividers, address book, a purse on the front and lots of different types of paper! It went everywhere with me and then when I took a break it took a break too! I found it the other week hiding at the back of a cupboard. Santa revived it with some new papers and it is now up and running gathering projects for me to consider!

Projects for the house and garden. A little bit of decorating and remodeling.

Projects for my image! Well having lost the weight I now need some new clothes and I thought I would dig out my patterns.

Projects to get my brain moving again. I have three things in mind …..

Projects for my blog which I have re-started. More about them another day.

Projects to start my crafting for the year.

I’m into my tapestry at the moment. My son bought me an Ehrman  Tapestry cushion 4 years ago and it has traveled a round the country on our holidays living in the caravan. I have shown you pictures of it’s progress and now it is finished!

004Lots and lots of little squares.  The photo doesn’t do the colours justice.  It really is quite rich. And that is the reason why it needs a partner! I had a lot of the wool left over and decided to use it up. So I sewed some more canvas onto the frame and began that therapeutic in/out which is tapestry…..

005006Yes more squares. Slightly bigger, but complimentary. (That’s more like the colours!)

007I’m really enjoying it. Watching it grow. Watching it blend. Yes!

Lastly, I have chosen a verse for the year. A positive one. One that I can hang on to and hold tight to if things get a bit uppity.  So I’ll say Happy New Year and….

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures for ever.”  Psalm 136 verse 1.


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3 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Alison, good to see you back again! 🙂
    It is very satisfying ticking boxes and you seem to have ticked quite a few, well done on the weight loss!
    Looking forward to keeping up with you in 2014!
    V xxx

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