Pure Inspiration.

Well I have been cogitating!  Musing over this and that. Trying to put my questions into something more meaningful. Looking back over the things that have made me go “oooooo now that’s brilliant!” Things and people from Blogland. The little bit of internet that I visit. I have watched people blog and go; and people who have blogged and developed. Some people have even become the foundations of the crafting Blogland. People like Lucy at Attic24.  We have all oooed and aahhhed at her ‘tadah’ moments and her rainbow coloured home. We are all waiting to see how the Yarndale event will go.  Yes Lucy is one of those inspiring people! Someone who we all feel we know and gets us crafting by her example, whether that be crochet or Decopatch. Thank you Lucy!

Someone else who was there from the beginning for me was Jane Brocket and her original Yarnstorm. Jane has developed. Her love of knitting and socks, of crinoline ladies, of books and stories, photography, quilting, has  grown and grown.  And she has taken us all along. What jumped out at me? Her ability to use colour in so many different media. Colour. I just love all the colour. I sit and drool over Jane’s books and have bought several of her greetings cards, not to send, but to put on my wall.  My inspiration wall!

Then came Fiona who came up with a brilliant idea! The twenty minutes routine. Finding twenty minutes a day to do something creative seemed like a good way to get me going.  Properly going! Soon I was finding that the twenty minutes became thirty. I discovered  Heath’s Country Store and a wonderful wall of colour in his yarn shop. Soon my hook and yarn and me were inseparable. I was’hooked’!! (Ouch! Sorry!) And that was down to Marmalade Rose – Fiona. Inspiration number three.   Now she makes beautiful hand felted pictures and bags.  They are breathtaking! She has developed her own style. A real distinctive one.  Colourful!!

During the twenty minutes period I somehow met Vivienne at Green Rabbits.  She knits and crochets and has the most amazing colourful garden. With a name like Green Rabbits for her blog, she just had to like rabbits! The rabbits have grown, gained personalities and become friends.  Perhaps that is why I find Vivienne such an inspiration. She has developed her own personal rabbit formula. Worked on it. Perfected it. A little friend to cuddle and smile at; and they are just gorgeous! I love how she went with it. And now,… now they live all over the world.  She tried the etsy shop and went the extra mile. Ahhhh!

Someone living the extra mile away is Sewing Daisies. Right across the other side of the globe, Heidi experiments. She has a vision to see the unusual. To explore and if she doesn’t know how to do something, she teaches herself! I think that is what is so inspiring. She has the get up and go!

Finally there is Suzybees. A very talented lady who works with felt in a different way. Her gadget cases are just ……. well stunning! Stylised and perfectly made. The very best of materials.  A workmanship that I aim for – and don’t always get – but my inspiration.

Inspiration. All different strands. A bit like embroidery floss. Each strand is just as important as the others. What are my strands taken from these ladies? Lucy – belief and enjoyment. Jane – developing and having a go with lots of media. Fiona – time and an individual style. Vivienne – finding and developing a product, and filling it with lots of love.  Heidi – the get up and go to learn.  And Suzy – beautiful workmanship, each stitch done with such care. Six strands working together, to express the one creative blend of colour. Six strands weaving together to make a picture. What picture? Well that is my next cogitation!! Thank you ladies for getting me started!

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4 Responses to Pure Inspiration.

  1. I’m really humbled reading your post Alison, the fact that I have in some way given you some inspiration, well that is frankly, wonderful. You will find your path, it took me a while to get around to doing what I really wanted to do. I always considered myself a knitter and spent quite a while making bags which were ok but it wasn’t quite right for me. You’re right I was always a rabbit lover and I made many over the years mostly knitted ones, inspired myself by the amazing Julie of Little Cotton Rabbits but it wasn’t until I picked up my crochet hook and made my first little rabbit, making it up as I went along that something just clicked. I combined knitting, crochet and sewing and my rabbit sold straight away. It was slow at first but things picked up when I started using Facebook and I found I reached a lot more people. I don’t take anything for granted though and every time I finish a bunny I wonder if anyone will want it. I am very grateful though for how things have moved on and I get a huge amount of enjoyment making and naming them.
    Goodness this has turned into an essay!!! What I’m trying to say is Alison it will happen. I have to say I think your paintings are lovely, you obviously have a huge amount of artistic talent, so keep going!
    Again thank you, you really don’t know how much reading your post has meant to me, I was going to say you have made my day but that wouldn’t even cover it. The strange thing is that you somehow slipped off my radar, for some reason you disappeared off my blog reader, maybe it was the change of blog, I don’t know but after getting a comment from you I set about looking for you again and added you back into my reader just last night only to find this post at the top of my reader this morning. Some things are just meant to be!
    Take care Alison and keep going!
    Have a lovely new creative week,
    V xxx

  2. valallen says:

    Good morning Alison! Oh No! I can’t find your number! Please if you have mine could you give me a call sometime so that we can arrange for our little lunch time meeting? Also the lovely card you sent ….. do you sell these? ….. or Christmas cards? I hope so, then I can place an order for you to bring along with little Ted’s adventure :0)
    Hope to hear from you ……
    A very encouraging blog post ….. also Vivienne’s reply.
    Have a lovely weekend …..
    God bless, Val xx

    • alisonb2 says:

      Hello Val! I’m on holiday at the moment so will be in touch next week. Looking forward to seeing you soon, Alison 🙂

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