Stitch, stitch.

One of the things that sold well at the craft stall were my mobile phone cases.  In fact I had some requests and it is these ‘requests’ that I have been stitching since we got back from our week away.  So ladies if you put in a request – they are ready!!

Firstly, the mobile ‘flutterby’ case……

021 022

I have been trying to use the different settings on my sewing machine.  This time it was the letter button. It worked better on the thicker felt, but this was OK!, – big enough to take a smaller phone.

Two requests came in for sun glasses cases. So I tried to think of a hot, sunny, weather theme.  What could be better than lollies and ice cream!!!024 025

With sprinkles of course!! Yummmmmmy!!026

And strawberry sauce – mmmmmm!

028 029

Of course it had to be purple too!  This is for a very ‘purple’ lady!!!030

A lot of the fun of making these came in the doodling, working on shapes and lines.


The ice cream was the first one that came into being. I just loved drawing the swirl at the top!033

Sandy foot prints and a deck chair are doodles in the making, while the lolly really came to life with the colours and the sprinkles!034

There’s the butterfly hovering on the edge, waiting to settle on a flower or leaf. Anchors and life belts are still only on the drawing board! But all in all I’m enjoying the stitching, so watch out the leap from the drawing board………(hhhmmm…..frogs??)


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