We’ve been away.  Just for a few days.  To sit in the sunshine and relax.  As usual I packed up sketch pads, pencils, wool – lots of -, hooks and needles, magazines, and books. We  bundled everything in the car and hitched up our little home on wheels and we trundled our way down to Winchcombe.  It is a pretty little site and the staff are brilliant!  We’ve been here four times before, when we’ve been to see our Son.

PB has been on the move again and so Monday saw us cleaning and spraying and making everything spick and span, so he could hand over the keys.  A new start again!  A new property and this time with his friends!  He is still working for himself and in this house he has somewhere to work and shut the door at the end of a day.  A good move!!!  Go for it, I say!

So Tuesday was a relax day – as was the Sunday before – but they didn’t work out like our usual relax days.  Usually we have coffee and a bit of hooking. More coffee and a bit of sketching.  Tea and a gentle read.  Nope!  ‘Yes’ to the coffee, more coffee and tea, but ‘nope’ to the bits in between.  We have arrived home again with yarn nearly untouched, sketch books unopened, hooks and needles at the bottom of the bag.   I did finish my book, but it took all week to do it.  No I just sat.  Quite content to look at the view.  To sip my coffee and enjoy the sun.  Strange.  Not like me at all. I like to be busy, busy, busy.  The only thing I did do was take a few photographs.  Some during the day of our visitors.  Some in the evening with moody light.  Some I am pleased with and some that are just ordinary.  I’ll leave you to decide the categories…..


From skies….018

to views.028

From quacks….026

to a bit of leg waggling.003

From proud Mum…. 004

to a hungry duckling.


From sunsets bright….031

and subdued.032

From a ripple here….033

to a ripple there.034

A bright close up…037

to dark and moody.


Viewed from a far…042

and zoomed up close.044

With an approaching storm…052

a gentle ripple and a blue/grey hue.

Perhaps I’ll paint and draw later, but for now I have my pictures.

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to Reflections.

  1. Lynne says:

    Just lovely to have some time to relax.
    Nice to see you back, just been catching up a bit

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