Super Ted! and happiness!

He made a little peep here just a quick hello. A look to say ‘do you like me?’ ‘Have we got it right?’ The answer was a rousing ‘YES!!’ So 18TWO design (a brilliant young designer – but I may be a little bit biased!) set to, and tweaked and adjusted the colour and page, until the printer could say ‘all systems go’. A  phone call later, a date on the calender, a trip in the car, a scrumptious dinner, then one flap, two…….

001and a little face grinned up at me.  I really like my little Ted. He is a dream come true.  He has been four years in the making, from photo to sketch to story in verse to a proper drawing. My little Ted is here and I love him!

So did a lot of other people. My little book is being sold to raise funds for the Sun Shine School in Jerusalem. Costing just £5, 35 copies disappeared to various homes to be told to little peeps! My stall at the CMJ conference looked the part…..001

All the usual things that I make nestled alongside Little Ted.  Flower scarves, Christmas cards, brooches, mobile phone cases, birthday cards bracelets and head bands.002Oh and owls too! Can you see them? Big round eyes blinking out. They were a great hit.003In fact I had sales right across the board, raising £470!  Brilliant and thank you!  It certainly brought a smile to my face just like this little bundle….

018 020…all the colours I love. A little bit of blue, lilac, pink, and green. Round and round in a circle and then carefully raising the sides.  I thought it was time to make a new one.  Something for little old me!  An Attic24 bag of course.  We all know and love Lucy and her designs, and when she first started writing and sharing we all wanted an Attic24 bag.  That was at least three years ago. Mine has been put to sterling use but it is a little stretched and out of shape so I thought a new one was the order of the day.  A little way to go, so watch this space for a tah dah moment!

I have also been loving the two hour slots I have with friends in the WI hall. We unload our paints and pens and pencils, and spend a quiet and relaxing couple of hours perfecting (oh yes!!) our techniques.  I sit next to a lady who paints the most beautiful pictures in water colours. Every week she has said “Go on have a go !” So about four weeks ago I did – and I was pleasantly surprised.  Since then I have been trying out pictures of the sea…..024Rolling waves on a blustery beach.

023And a rough sea around a headland.   I’m struggling to know when to stop.  Perhaps a little bit more detail is needed.  I’ll see….. what do you think?  Would you have known what it is without my ramblings?  Oh well things that have made me happy just lately!

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8 Responses to Super Ted! and happiness!

  1. twinkletoes2day says:

    Many congratulations on the publication of Ted’s Important Journey! 😀 What a fabulous achievement 😀 You do know there are many more people out there/here who buy this don’t you? 😉 Why not put them in your Etsy shop along with your gorgeously sweet owls and beautiful scarves, or even sell via Facebook 🙂
    Your watercolours are fabulous and I would definitely have known what they are even without your ‘ramblings’ 😉
    Have a blessed weekend 😉

  2. Julie says:

    Congratulations on the publication of your book. I was wondering if it would be available to buy online?

    • alisonb2 says:

      Thank you Julie. No it isn’t available online. I didn’t get an ISN number. Thinking about putting it into my etsy shop, seeing as Twinkletoes has prodded me to think!

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  4. valallen says:

    Hi Alison, First I want to thank you for your card/letter, it was such a joy to receive it ….. a meeting again would be just wonderful, when it is convenient for you. I will give you a phone call this week and perhaps we could fix things up! BUT please, would you bring me two copies of Little Ted :0) Until we chat ….. love for now Val xx

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