It’s raining and it’s pouring, the old…….

Yes it has been raining here.  All week the heavens have opened and the rain has steadily pitter pattered its way down. Yes, the rain came down and the floods….. no not really. We just had great big puddles!  But every cloud has a silver lining and this week it meant I could thread a needle and stitch.  Little stitches here. Little stitches there. A snip snip here and a snip snip there. A press and a knot and ………

It meant I could get out my vintage tins,

004and the pile of felt,

002oh and this was inside the red tin,

003What a muddle! What a jigsaw of coloured strands! It is quite therapeutic wiggling and tweezing the right colour out of that muddle, and it never gets smaller. It has a habit of gathering more threads to it!

Then there is the inspiration that got me going….

001I have two of these stick it books.  I love spending the odd evening cutting and sticking from old magazines. I love filling up the pages with things that jump out from the Country Living or what ever magazine is to hand. I love revisiting the pages and getting side tracked by a story or an article. And then I love tearing out that story and carefully trimming it to fit the stick page. So from pictures of flowers to Kaffe Fasset….

011 012they are all there for the inspiration. This week it was….

010yes owls. Owls seem to be everywhere at the moment and I have been busy making things for the Sun Shine Stall. Key rings, owl hugs, and now ……..




Two mobile phone cases. A thin and a fat. A run of the mill phone and a smart phone.006

Oh yes there was a third.  Flowers.  So I have enjoyed my week stitching and snipping.  Thank you rain!!


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