What a beautiful day we are having today.  The sun is shining and it is actually quite warm.  Just right for spending a bit of time weeding the odd weed.  Then when you come inside with a nice cup of tea you can indulge in a little blog land.  Just to be a bit inspired.  Inspired to take some photos and write a post. Inspired to let you have a peep at what I have been doing.  So here are the little peep-pos!!


A few little flowers needed for a new flower scarf.004

And a leaf!002

Still to be put together.  I liked the large Japanese flowers, but the scarf was too thin and the special bargain Debbie Bliss yarn was rapidly running out.  So a few little flowers and leaves were the answer.006

Remember the bright colour cottons that arrived through the post, well here are three little owls, a bit bleary eyed!!008

Last Wednesday saw me venture to Heath’s Country Store for a patchwork day.  A whole day to sit and sew and cut and piece together – bliss!  009

A bucket bag!  Bright green! A bird pattern for the inside.012

And of course a flower for the clasp.  Couldn’t resist the polka dots!013

Friday was Art club day or should I say morning.  I have played safe for the last few weeks.  Sticking with my pencils.  But last week I stuck my toe into new waters.  I’m not ready to paint yet, but I have tried some pastels.  Not the soft kind.  Oil ones.  Just like using big wax crayons.  Layering away. Colour upon colour. Scratching the surface.  Smudging the colours and then a little bit of thinners to swirl the colours around. I used my old school pastels.  But oh! The years have taken their toll and they are a little dried out, so this week I took my purse and visited the little art shop and bought a box.  A box of new colours. 25 new colours.  What a treat!014

And a new picture to work on.  To squidge and smudge.  A picture of beside the seaside. Just a peep-po. More another time.015

But here is the biggest peep-po. Three years in the making and nearly there.016

Just a little tweaking! A little putting together. A bit of professional help! Two more weeks to go and the peep-po will be seen in all its sunshine.

So there, little peep-pos!!!

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2 Responses to Peep-po!

  1. Hi – lovely to find you 🙂
    Sun is out up here today in Lancashire – but I can’t say it’s been warm at all.
    Adore the spring green of the bag and I have been going to an art class too and enjoy pastels but haven’t tries the oil ones yet
    Happy to discover your blog 🙂 and look forward to more ( and catching up on older ones)
    Angela >^..^<

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