Oh what a find!

Everyone loves a bargain.  The hunting and searching. The cuddling and the ‘Yes,yes,yes’. But when you spot something without the looking and you just chance upon that something completely by accident, well…….. Yipppppppeeeee!!

And that is how I found this.  Seven, yes seven beautiful soft balls of Debbie Bliss snuggling in a basket of oddments outside a charity shop. They just said – no, shouted – yoohoo buy me! So I did.  Well you would, wouldn’t you.


I love this combination of yellow and green. So daffodil-like. So spring-like, and didn’t we need a reminder this year that it was just around the corner.  It has taken a long time to come. The warmth.  The sun.  The freshness.  But it is here now and we can enjoy it. Soooo many spring flowers are now popping their heads up.  The front garden is full of springness – I feel another post coming! 002

But daffodils have been on my mind and hooking.  It looks like a Japanese flower, – well almost – and each bloom is joined as you go.  One scarf in the making and I’m loving it!004

Yellow featured again with the second colour green, slightly more moss green.  This cute little rabbit was first blogged back here.005

And eventually stuffed, before joining his little friend made with two of the pinks/lavender.  Don’t you just love their little fluffy tails!! Spring rabbits and spring flowers. See you soon!


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A Christian Mum who crafts
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9 Responses to Oh what a find!

  1. Wow… What luck…Beautiful yarn! And Great Motif’s

  2. I am so so so sos o so jealous, great score.How much did they cost you?

  3. pattygloria says:

    Lovely yarn and very nice colour combination for a scarf.

  4. You are one lucky lady, your scarf looks lovely.

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