Fridays are art group days, or should I say mornings.  I’ve mentioned them before. I pack my bag with pencils, water brushes and my watercolour crayons, sketch pads and scrapbooks and wend my way up to the local WI hall.  There were twelve of us this morning, all seated around a huge square made up of tables. Some weeks there are 18 of us, but we were select this morning.

The first hour goes ever so quickly and ever so quietly.  We are all busy, intent on getting the effect we are after.  Not a peep! You could easily hear a pin drop! But then 11 o’clock strikes and out comes the coffee and biscuits (I resisted today!), and the laughter bubbles and the chat grows. We are really beginning to gel as a group, which is great!  We spend about 15 minutes wandering around the room looking at everyone’s work.  There is no need to be shy, to think is it good enough, as these ladies and gentleman are not there to criticise, but to encourage.  We are all different.  Different in media, technique, subject, and it doesn’t matter a jot! If someone is good at watercolour, someone else is good at acrylics. One lady loves her pen and ink and is brilliant! Another dabbles in all sorts of things.  There is no right or wrong, just a brilliant mix of hues and strokes.

Me? I love to draw.  I tried to use paint at first.  It seemed the thing to do when I viewed the group as a painting group.  But that isn’t me. So I have been finding out my style and really enjoy putting crayon onto paper and then using the water brush to blend.  This morning I tried another cockerel….


Just his head.  The picture I copied from my scrapbook and he was looking oh so cross!  But the trick is knowing when to stop adding another stroke here and there.  I find I have to be bold and definite and just STOP!!!!  Then I can move on.  No more cockerels for a while I think, but then again I may change my mind next week.  I started an owl.  Not quite finished but getting there….


…..and I like the way it is going.  So next Friday I will pack my bag again and walk to the WI to meet with my friends, chat and draw.

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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