Time has whizzed past since I last dropped you a line.  Busy, busy, busy. Lots of little projects. Projects…… I so think of school days when I mention projects.  Junior school to be precise.  Every week in my last year at St John’s was filled with a project. We had to research a theme and produce a booklet. Reading, cutting, sticking (I liked that bit!), writing and presenting.   Good procedures to get into, in readiness for the Secondary School experience and beyond!  And yes it did prove to be a good tool.  All those hours spent researching coal.  Easter Island – those huge heads still fascinate me. Scientists. Marie Currie. Volcanoes.  Vegetable dyeing. Biafra famine.

Once at college the projects continued. Drawing and writing and photographing. Skewing and enlarging the images. Developing an idea to produce a piece of textile through screen printing, weaving, quilting. Lesson plans for the general curriculum of an infant school. Making it interesting. Passing on that love of nature and creativity.

But school days have gone now and I am back at making projects for pleasure. Now my photographs are of what I have made and seen.  Trying to find that unusual angle to make a wrist warmer appear… interesting wrist warmer! Experimenting with crochet edging. Adding a button here and a bead there. Starting lots and lots of little projects and as yet leaving a few unfinished.  In fact I need to have a finishing off day! Blog land and the world of the internet is so inspiring that I get carried away.  OOOooo, look at this pattern, look at that technique.  Yes I get carried away BIG time! So the projects to finish off include…


Wrist warmers with scolloped edging and chain stitch flower.007

Grey variegated wool with a stylish button from the button tin!010

Same marbled wool different colour way with a lacy crochet edging.011

And a blue version. Buttons are still in the button tin waiting to be added!015

Altogether a warm fan much needed in this cold snap!018

My Etsy shop hasn’t seen much business so I have been winding some felt beads for an amber bracelet.  (The wet felting is still sitting in the tin…..Shhhhh!)023

Bright and breezy hair bands waiting to be sewn.  I love the little butterfly bead with it’s goggly eyes!025And finally a little rabbit from The Green Dragonfly. Thank you Janette for the use of your pattern!  A very Happy Easter to one and all.


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3 Responses to Projects.

  1. Julie says:

    The wrist warmers are very pretty. I like the frilly edges and flowers.

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