New Ventures.

It seems to be a year for new ventures.  Blogging, Etsy, and now ….. well it would have been wet felting, but I got side tracked.  I did get my tin out…


I love the stylish squiggle on the top.


And the contents is so squiggey. All that softness. Springy and frothy!


And can you see the little parcel?  On the left, nestling there.


The wool fat soap.  Just waiting to be soaped and squeezed into the little balls of felt, all of  differing colours, and then threaded…..


….but nope!  It didn’t happen.  It’s still waiting.  Waiting for a little bit more time, so that I can relish the moment the wisps turn into something solid to be embellished.  Instead another new venture! I pack a bag every Friday and with pedometer attached trek up to the WI hall to paint and draw with a group of very talented people.  18 in total.  All sitting there busy busy, until we play musical chairs and take a sneaky peek over the top of coffee cups at the pictures that are emerging.  Here’s mine from last week ….

009 008

Yes, I’ve been drawing hens and cockerels.  Softened with a bit of water from my water brush.  These are amazing to work with, the water loaded into the barrel.  No need for pots of water.  Just pull the lid off and away you go….. brilliant!  I’m enjoying using my watercolour pencils, so much so that this morning Mr A treated me to a new set. Ahh thank you Mr A….


All the colours of the rainbow, and nestling there on the right are some purples and lilacs. (Ooooo that is something else that is nestling.  I must have hens on the brain!!)  If you search my old ones you won’t find a purple and I soooooo love purple.  That was reason enough to buy a new set! But I haven’t given up on my old ones.


Pinks, blues, greens, and yellows, but no purples.


I also bought a pencil sharpener and gave them all nice new sharp points. And a new rubber.  AND three more water brushes!  In a pack.  On offer.  Honest!


So I’m all set for this Friday’s expedition.  Now shall I walk or be daring and cycle? My bag?  Oh that could easily ‘nestle’ in the new panniers Mr A bought me for Christmas!!

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