Those feet are made for walking…

I have recently acquired a pedometer and I have been both surprised and stunned!  Surprised at the rate you can clock up the steps, but also stunned at just how few steps I take some days.  Today has been a stepping out day. On Monday mornings I meet up with a friend and with best foot forward we do the ‘Loop’.  The Loop takes us up and around the gentle hills that surround our little town.  We chatter the whole way so I suppose we could push a bit further, but the six miles we do is just fine. Those six miles take many steps and we do more than the number I have programmed on the clock.  All good fun and great when the sun is shining as it was today.  Much of the land we walk past is farming land belonging to the University campus.  Well tended and giving beautiful views across the Trent valley.  Breath taking! One day I will remember to take my camera – I promise!

Now tomorrow will be a different day.  I shall be stunned at just how few steps I will take.  Why?  Tomorrow is a crafting day!  You can’t step out while you are crafting, can you?  Oh I know that the ladies who followed the drovers used to knit their socks while they walked, but that is not me. I knit from the safety of my sofa, and I have been knitting, since just before Christmas.  My son and I had a trip out to Heath’s Country Store for an extra Christmas present.  I love this little yarn shop, the colours, the scents, the paintings, and the fabric…… ooooo what a treat!  We had a Fisherman’s Rib jumper on our minds and we picked out a dark brown flecked yarn.  So I have been tracking on. Click clicking! The back, one sleeve and the front up to the arm holes.  A good start!  I shall finish the front this week and then the sleeve will be next weeks project.  But tomorrow is a day for experiments.

I have been inspired.  Inspired by a very creative lady.  A lady who loves to wet felt and embroider and create.  I suggest you have a peep here   Beautiful isn’t it?  Well I have all the things hidden away in a box and tomorrow they make their escape. And for that reason my feet will not be moving very far. Watch this space as they say….

I have been using bought felt to make my bracelets.  Rolling and binding and embellishing.  I put them in my shop Leaf Creations  Yes the shop is open again!  It did have a very long holiday and I wasn’t sure what to do, where I wanted it to go.  But a new year has given me a new focus.  So Leaf Creations will see some more felt creations along side my bracelets, probably from tomorrow’s little play!  

Purple Bracelet

Blue and green bracelet

Acid green bracelet

My hook has been busy a little bit too.  Little flowers.  In between the rows of knit one, purl one, I have been hooking Lucy’s little picot flowers.  I’m not sure what I am going to do with them but they are pretty.

picot flowers

Picot flowers

Perhaps a scarf, perhaps not.  I’ll just have to wait and see……….


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