On the road!

Well the camera is connected and I have seen the photos on the screen so let’s see if we can join one with the other and get this show on the road!  Although I haven’t been around in the blogging world lately, I have been making things.  Little things and not so little things.  The Sun Shine School stills needs extra funds so I have had three or four little stalls.  CMJ’s garden party in between the showers……IMG_1451[1]

The Adorned Ladies Day…..IMG_1582[1]

CMJ’s conference and away days (thank you Janey)….IMG_1484[1]

And lastly my annual Christmas Coffee morning….IMG_1589[1]

I love this getting together….IMG_1590[1]

The getting ready for Christmas….IMG_1592[1]

Trying new products….IMG_1591[1]

And well tried ones.  Bringing Christmas smiles….IMG_1593[1]

Marveling at the generosity of friends. Thank you Marjorie for the phone socks, and the beautiful bags, Val….IMG_1594[1]

So with a new year stretching before me and my stock very depleted, time has come to stitch and hook and click and stick and roll and thread……. and anything else that leaps out and says try me! Time to be busy, busy! Ahhhh!   My first proper post of 2013.  Happy New Year everyone and God bless.


About alisonb2

A Christian Mum who crafts
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2 Responses to On the road!

  1. pattygloria says:

    You have been very busy making and selling lovely things. I applaud your creativeness, Alison.
    Gloria x

  2. twinkletoes2day says:

    What lovely lovely stuff! I see many things I would buy myself and for others too 😀 Keep Calm & Carry on Hooking/Clicking/Stitching ;D
    Happy New Year!
    Mo 😀

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