Hooking.  It’s so therapeutic.  The rhythm of in and out, over and round.  You can easily loose yourself.  Switch off from all that is around you.  That is the bare plaster, the strips of wallpaper that are stubbornly not coming off, the steps which seem to have become a permanent fixture and fitting in what was our comfortable lounge.  We last decorated this room 15 years ago, when we were agile and full of the joys of spring!  Now we are reaching that age when it really is too big a room for us to tackle, so we are getting a little man in to come and transform it.  To cross line the walls and emulsion in a very tasteful Champagne Glory with white contrasts.  But first we said we would remove all the old wallpaper.  To steam our way along the walls around the windows and doors.  To pickle at those little stubborn bits which scream ‘I’m not coming off!’   To get them behind your finger nails……..  arghhhhhhhh!!!!!  So in the mean time I have been hooking.  Escaping with the rhythm.  Calming down and loosing myself.  Making these…..

Yes another flower scarf….

I love this colour combination.  I tried it out on a Granny Cowl first and just….  well…. loved it!

I’ve never made one before but discovered them on Ravelry.

A brilliant lady called ‘Fanalaine‘ has a true eye for colour , style and design.  She is a real inspiration.  So I was inspired….

Eight Granny squares with nine rounds, all different and then joined together to make a continuous loop.  Twisted and twirled to go over your head and around your neck.  Brilliant!  But she also introduced me to the wonderful world of Noro.    Ever tried this strange yarn?  It is a bit like string – fine string, with slubs and colours to die for!  Reading between the lines on reviews, you either love it or hate it and I just love it.  It is sooooooo addictive!  How are the colours going to work out?  What will happen if I do just one more row?  Yes, I know we are going out but…….!  You get the picture.  And picture…..

Pinks, lilacs and deep deep PURPLE!!  Yes that beautiful, huggable, lovable hue, that I could just fill my life with, purple.

But it isn’t a ball you can pull from the middle…

It looks as if you should be able to, but no it wouldn’t come.  So I had to take the band off and roll it around on the floor.  Mum always told me to pull from the middle.  ‘It will stop the yarn getting dirty and keep it tidy.’  And I have by and large always done that, just the odd occasion when it wouldn’t work.  I must confess that this time I am enjoying seeing the colours roll around!  Watching them develop.  Oooing and ahhing as I see a different hue approaching the hook.  Yes I’m pleased it didn’t work this time Mum!

It is developing into a Half Granny shawl.  A number 3.5m hook which is really a bit big for this thickness, but adding a lacy look….

Sooo textured, soooo colourful……

Sooooo….. I love my Noro shawl.  Now will one ball be enough????????

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5 Responses to Therapeutic!

  1. …and I thought your flower & granny cowl were gorgeous. How STUNNING is your Noro shawl?!! Me want!

    I always pick up Noro yarn when I see but it never makes it to the check out, I may have to change that.

    Thank you for showing the way 🙂


  2. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    Gorgeous crochet Alison! I love the colours in your flower scarf and that shawl looks luscious!
    Always best to get a man in, life’s too short for decorating. 😉
    Vivienne x

  3. pattygloria says:

    Those projects look fabulous, Alison! I agree with you, a nice colour combination creates an amazing decorative design impact.
    What pattern are you using for the shawl? How big is it? Please tell me.
    Gloria x

  4. …I am definately game for the SEW Hip! Mystery Quilt challenge, it hsould be fun…especially trying to make do with what we have 😀


  5. Hazel says:

    Lovely lovely! I Lee drooling at the Noro but never bought any yet. X

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