Thank you! and Instructions.

Thank you, thank you for all your kind comments about my flower scarves.  They are fun to make and pretty at the end.  Pricing them is a difficult thing to do – I want them to sell at the conference in July for the Sun Shine school, but I don’t want them to be too much and bring them home again!!  Hey Ho!

Several have asked me for my pattern, so here it is!  Just the quick version.  I’ll put a version with photos on my Let’s Get Busy  page when I have taken the photos!

I have used a 3mm or a 3.50mm hook and Double Knitting wool.

Chain 4 and slip stitch into a ring.

3 chain (equals the first treble) 11 trebles into the ring.  Slip stitch to the third of the the 3 chain to join up.

Change colour. Working from a space between two trebles, 4 chain (equals 3 chain for the first treble and 1 chain for the space), *1 treble into the space between the trebles on the row below, 1 chain.*  Repeat from * to * 10 times more.  You should have 12 trebles.

Slip stitch into the next space. *6 chain.  1 double crochet into the next space.  1 chain. 1 double crochet into the next space.*  Repeat from * to * 5 more times.  You should end up with 6 large loops and 6 small loops.

*Working into the first of the large loops, 5 trebles, 3 chain, 5 trebles.  1 double crochet into the small loop.* Repeat from * to* to make the six petals of the flower. Pull through the end and weave ends in to underside of flower.

To join the flowers together I make 5 trebles as normal for the petal, 1 chain at the top of the petal, insert hook through the loop of the joining flower and make a chain around the loop, 1 chain as normal and them make the 5 trebles down the other side of the petal.

I hope this answers your queries and gives you lots of pleasure.  Happy hooking!!

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6 Responses to Thank you! and Instructions.

  1. Julie says:

    Thank you for the instructions – I really love these scarves and would like to . I can’t help with the pricing question. I was talking to someone about something similar this morning because I have made things to sell for charity this weekend. I think it probably is better to price so that they are sold but from past experience I find it very upsetting when the price that is paid only just covers the price of the materials or may even be less. People seem to expect a bargain because something is home made when really it is worth so much more because it is unique.

  2. Angie says:

    Thank you, Alison; it will be fun to work something you have designed. It’s such a pretty design — I may try it with three strands of crochet thread for a summer scarf; I have done other things this way, but never flowers.

  3. val says:

    Dear Alison, If you are willing ….. I will pay whatever price you say …. for the one with the dark blue flowers. I am more than happy to make it a good price ….. after all it is for the Sunshine school and I would be so delighted.
    Let me know what you think …… you could email or leave a comment on my blog. It would be cherished :0)
    with love to you,
    Val xx

  4. felicity says:

    its always hard to add a price, they are so pretty though, i might make one after i have finished everything else! fliss xxx

  5. a-m says:

    Hi Alison

    Thank you so much! I’m going to have a go when I’m on holiday. I’ll let you know how it goes…

    Take care,

    a-m x

  6. Lynne says:

    The pricing is always difficult. Good luck with it, and with your sales.

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