I love churches.  The architecture.  The feel.  That sense of quietness.  The colours.  The stained glass windows.  Every year we visit the ‘major’ churches where ever we go.  Mr A would like to visit all the cathedrals here, and he, or should I say we are about half way through!!

These images were taken at Winchester where new and old merge together.  They are places where people meet.  Where Christians come together to worship and praise.  Where people visit just to look.  In Israel there are churches which form the same function, but they do slightly more than that – they protect.  Most of the major churches have been built by Catholic communities, at places from the Bible where Jesus did something special.

This is where Jesus met with the disciples after he had risen and cooked breakfast with them.  A little church.  Close to the shore.

Then you have The Basilica of the Annunciation.

A complex about the size of a football pitch which fits over the top of old Nazareth.  It protects the buildings underneath like ‘Mary’s’ house or another house from the same period.

Deep in the heart of this house, little more than a cave, is where the animals were kept, then you have the pillars and the central cooking and living area and then just behind this wall is a platform, a step up, where the family would sleep.  Remember the story of the neighbour having guests late at night and having no bread.  He went to his neighbour to ask for some, but was told no.  It was because his family was a sleep in front of the door.  He couldn’t get the bread to the man without waking everybody up.  It was a similar house to this.  This wouldn’t have made any sense without seeing the house remains.  Jesus lived in a house like this.  Not a grand place.  In John 1 he is asked where he lives and he takes back the two disciples to ‘Come and see’.  I went and saw and because the churches have a protecting role I could see.  My imaginary images are now true pictures, because he took me to see.

Some of the churches I liked, some I didn’t.  Some we felt missed the true reason for being there and some didn’t.  Some were like a circus and some were reflective.  But they are there and on one day may speak to a person in a different way to another day.  So here are my churches of Israel with no comment.  Let them speak to you.  So ‘Come and see’….

The Mount of Beatitudes.

Near to David’s tomb in Jerusalem.

The Mount of Olives over looking Old Jerusalem.

The church near David’s tomb as seen from the Mount of Olives through a zoom.

And lastly the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

But this is the moment I came and really saw….

He had to use colour to meet with me.  A half step I shall never forget.  God bless.

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1 Response to Churches.

  1. Lynne says:

    A fascinating post Alison. It seems to have brought it all to life for you.
    Mike and I decided that we wanted to visit all the cathedrals in England. But then we moved abroad and have put it on hold. Though he did visit Salisbury and Rochester cathedrals a few weeks back. I think the idea was to do it together though!

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