The Sea of Galilee.

The Sea of Galilee.  Lake Tiberias.  Yam Kineret. Lake of  Gennesaret.  Ginnosar.  All names for the same body of water in the centre of Galilee.  A place that we all know from school.  That appears in many a Bible story.  That is below Sea Level!!!!  I jest not!  We took our overview of this beautiful area at sea level!….

If you look in the top corner you can see the mountains and hills of the far side of the lake.  Well this view…..

We were heading for the Kibbutz on it’s shore, and rest!!  It has a serene calmness about it.  A slower pace.  A true resting place.  Yes I know you can often feel that in other places, but here it felt really special.  We stayed at Kibbutz Ma’agan, with a view from our upstairs room to die for….

It is the place where Jesus walked on the water.  Where  he called the four fishermen to become fishers of men.  Where he sat on the hill for the sermon on the mount over looking the sea.  The list is endless.  This beautiful quiet place is where Jesus lived.  Hmmmm….

But where does the water come from?  Well it starts up here in the Golan, welling up as springs and rivulets.  Cascading down in beautiful waterfalls….

From plunge pool to plunge pool….

Washing, cleansing, and refreshing….

Be filled with the living water of Christ.

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1 Response to The Sea of Galilee.

  1. val says:

    Dear Alison, How I have just loved and been blessed by this post! Thank you for taking so much time to share not only your photos but your heart stories and impressions, it has really come home to me, looking at our photos and reading your comments ….THIS WAS THE PLACE THAT JESUS LIVED ON THIS EARTH! How amazing and so refreshing to realize it again …. not just giving a head nod, but to actually visualize the water on which our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ WALKED. Thank you again Alison for this beautiful and uplifting posting.
    Bless you!
    Val xx

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