I’ve just been a visiting.  Visiting my blog land friends and ooo-ing and ah-ing and smiling over all the things that you do and make.  And there has been lots of smiling.  Smiling at embroidery done by little hands trying to copy their Mum; sheep that are oh so fluffy; tiny denim knitted baby shoes; …. the list goes on.  When I go a visiting I just run down my blog role and add a few others too.  I follow links that are inserted into text and discover a whole new world and that is just what I did today.  I followed a link and thought yes I can do that, I can give that a go.  That is just what I need to get me going.  Get going?  Well, way back before Christmas I think it was, I started thinking about what I wanted to do this year.  Yes I know – Fair Isle, but there was also patchwork and quilting.  Yes time has come to admit I haven’t really started.  I haven’t cut and pinned and sewed.  I haven’t thought yes that grabs me when I looked in books and magazines.  I have ooo-ed and ah-ed over the colours, but not the mechanics!!!  So what was the link?

Val was the link.  The first link in the chain.  Her pretty little blocks and her enthusiasm just shouted ‘Here!  Yooohooo! Try me!!’ So I followed the link. Playtime. Yes 15 minutes of playtime.  Time to gather things together. To join in with others.  To play.  Last year saw me join the 20 minuters so this year it is to be 15 minute playtime.  So I am off now to gather and the start of playtime is just around the corner.  Are you coming too?  Just to play?   Quick before the bell rings!

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3 Responses to Playtime.

  1. Lynne says:

    Hi Alison, I’m just in the middle of a BIG catchup! I know what you mean about following links. Sometimes I get so lost. I completely loose track of time when I enter the world of blogging. I think that has something to do why I haven’t been around so much of late, one of the reasons.
    Yes aren’t those crochet flowers lovely. Have you seen the communal blog The Flower Bed? It’s @ Have fun! I’m off to follower your links now.

  2. Lynne says:

    I meant to say what lovely flowers you’ve made. Also well done with the colourful blanket! It’s lovely.

  3. val says:

    Oh Alison! I am so glad you are going to PLAY!! I haven’t been around for a week or so and am just catching up and enjoying reading your posts again. I love ….. your sewing machine (I am determined to start my treadling again soon) L O V E your scarf, and your 15 minutes of happy happy playtime :0)
    But be warned …. it is very addictive ….. you may never stop playing!
    Your Proverbs post was very welcome and inspiring ….
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    love Val xx

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