Getting to grips…

I have been viewing before I buy again – visiting the library in other words.  And yes I will be buying this time!  I love the book I found.  I love everything about it.  The pictures.  The instructions – oh what a give away to the type of book!.  I love the colours and the settings for the photos….. oooooo everything!!  It isn’t a crochet book.  No not this time.  It isn’t a quilting book which I often get just to drool over the colours.  It is a knitting book. ” 25 classic patterns for timeless knitwear”.  Ganseys, Fair Isle, Aran, and Shetland Lace go to make up this book called  ‘Country Weekend Knits’ by Madeline Weston.

I picked it out because of the Fair Isle.  Remember my New Year’s resolution to get to grips with Fair isle?    So in between all my crocheting and threading I have been getting to grips…  well trying!

Do you see what I mean about the picrtures?

I haven’t been following one set pattern, no I have used it for inspiration.  Inspiration to experiment and get my tension just right.  The pulling and looping of the wools on the back of my knitting.  But it was this post by do you mind if I knit that started me off.  Trying a little pattern here and one there.  A bit from this and a bit from that.  So I bought a luscious bag of heathery wools from Heath’s Country Store and cast on.

Little patterns to start with…

The odd stitch across the row.  Well I’ve done that before so that was well inside my comfort zone.  And then it grew and grew and I quite liked it!

The tension is improving and I am getting ready now to work some larger patterns.

Yes you could say I’m getting to grips with Fair Isle!

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3 Responses to Getting to grips…

  1. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    Wow, I am impressed Alison, your fair isle is looking great. I have tried it but I haven’t the patience for it I’m afraid. I’ll maybe try it again sometime. I love the photo from the book with the blue and brown pattern. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  2. Angie says:

    I am so impressed. Good job!

  3. Wow that is stunning work Alison! I can’t wait to see your finished piece.

    …I really wish I could knit…


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