Hypnotic and Addictive.

I’ve been busy doing this and doing that with a little bit of hooky in between.  Not quite like my 20 minuter sessions but nearly.  In fact the sessions were a little longer.  Just a tad.  A wee bit, but boy have I enjoyed working away.  Beavering in and out with my hook.  Hypnotic and addictive!!  So here we go….

Something round and round with a few flowers.

And a dangly cord.  Yes a little bag waiting for a bright inside.

Then I did a bit of threading and tying and viola…

Four button bracelets that can be worn either way round.

See the little loop to fasten?

Then a few more squares for Sarah London.

And then last night saw me experimenting with a pattern from Ravelry.  Tiny little circles  hooked with a 2mm hook and some embroidery thread.  The pattern said to make nine.  So I did. Nine yellow, green and pale green.  All carefully weaved together.  But I couldn’t get them to sit properly.  The red ones were better…

Pinned ready and waiting to be sewn.  But the yellow ones? Oh no!!  So I snipped…

Reduced it down to six and of course I snipped the wrong one!  However, I twirled and twisted and thought “Not bad.  Yes I think it could work.  I’ll make a proper one”. Six little blue circles.  Ooooooh how I love them.  It worked a treat.  A neat little brooch from neat little rings….

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A Christian Mum who crafts
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1 Response to Hypnotic and Addictive.

  1. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    Lots of lovely makes, Alison!
    Such a pretty little bag in Spring colours and really clever use of buttons.
    The crocheted thread brooches really are gorgeous!
    Vivienne x

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