A little careful sewing.

My needle has been busy over the last few nights.  Carefully stabbing the felt, going in and out.  Carefully for two reasons.  One, I wanted the tiny stitches to be just right, just so, and secondly, I have to sew with my glasses off.  Yes I have reached that stage!  That stage in life when varifocals get in the way.  I remember my Dad having two pairs of glasses, one for distance and one for reading.  He needed both pairs to paint.  One to view and the other to work, to dab and daub.  Boy oh boy did he get frustrated, swapping them around after every two or three fine touches, and now I know what he meant!  But aren’t varifocals supposed to help?  Hmmmm….  Anyway, if I sew I can’t watch television while I do, so no alibi!  Unless of course I put them on when I swap colour in my thread and then I get side tracked into watching for five minutes!!!!  This is what I have been up to.

Four more little key rings to add to the green one I made last week.  Come a little closer.

I actually made five more but one went to a friend on her birthday.  I think this one is my favourite, a bit pink, well very pink, but I love the contrast!

Key ring mark 1 – paisley!  Oh yes and here is a camera action…. I’m still playing.  Trying to be creative…

Skies do it all for you really!


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A Christian Mum who crafts
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4 Responses to A little careful sewing.

  1. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    Great little keyrings, gorgeous colours!!
    Winter does provide some beautiful skies, when it’s not grey and foggy that is!!!
    Vivienne x

  2. Maria says:

    The keyrings are so pretty. Unfortunately I know what you mean with the eyes

  3. lovely key rings, but they must take a long time to make, all those teeny tiny stitches. beautiful.

  4. I KNOW what you mean about the glasses!
    I have the same issue – what to do….


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