Grannying again!

What a busy weekend!  Not that we have been dashing here there and everywhere, just a lot of pottering and 20 minuting!  Saturday was a day for house work.  Oh boy has it been neglected over the past week and a bit!  So Saturday saw the hoover come out and the Christmas decorations finally put up into the loft.  They have been languishing on my dining room table waiting for the boxes to be brought down.  All six of them and a black bag!  We have a lot of decorations.  Baubles, tinsel, trees, wreaths etc..  I don’t put them all out.  Just the ones that appeal to me at the start of the festive season.  But they do ALL have to be unpacked and then packed away again!!  It takes an age!  Then when they have all gone away you have to dust and hoover and generally have a good clean – which we did!  So that was Saturday done and dusted…..

Sunday was a crafting day.  I have been knitting a cardigan, with a bargain bag of wool, over the holiday period.  I wanted to do something that I didn’t have to concentrate on.  It progressed quite well.  The back and two sides complete. But then it stopped.  It stopped dead when I no longer had to sit beside the fire (or candles as our fire is out of action at the moment!!).  And now I am having problems picking it up again.  I will do, I promise but not yet!  No on Sunday I picked up my Attic 24 Granny Stripe. I ran out of wool to finish the stripes and then there was the border to do.  It sort of got left.  You know how it is. Well the stripes are now finished and the border is progressing…..

It takes an age to go all the way around it….

I love the corners.  They are working out so precise and neat.  I have a couple of more rows of trebles to do and then a couple of double crochet, before working the picot edging.  Nearly there but guess what?  I have run out  of the next colour so I will just have to visit Heath’s Country Store.  What a hardship!!  OOooooo I love this little store in Ollerton!  Tomorrow will be the day to go.  The car is already ‘bagged’ for the afternoon and I can’t wait!!!  Something else I must show you is my wool bag, overflowing with twisted balls…..

Love, love, love it!

Sunday also saw me start my paisley designs.  I have been doodling these and added a bit of colour…

I didn’t feel like getting my sewing machine out, so sat with needle and embroidery threads and felt.  Voila, one key ring.  Not bad for the first attempt…

Before I go I have a thank you to do.  A very BIG thank you.  A thank you to Heidi for giving me a blogging award!!!  My very first!  Thank you Heidi  it really made my day!  I know I now have to do something with it, but I will leave that until next time.  Happy crafting!

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5 Responses to Grannying again!

  1. Pattygloria says:

    Congrats on your award! I love you felt project and your granny blanket is looking very good too!
    Gloria X

  2. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    Your granny stripe is gorgeous Alison!! 🙂
    Love how your doodle has now becomea keyring!
    Vivienne x

  3. Hi Alison,
    Don’t you just hate it when you run out of wool?

    Those paisleys are coming along beautifully. Great to see it transpire into a keyring.
    Do you have anything else in mind for them?


  4. felicity says:

    Oh Ali your granny stripes are sooooooo pretty i love the colours you choose! fliss xxx

  5. ooo I love your keyring! Will you be making more for your stall as they will sell in seconds 😀


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