OK, here we go.  My first post with photos from my new camera.  I’m not sure what they will turn out like but hey ho!!  My Son gave me this beautiful card for my birthday and a special sketch pad for my doodling for Christmas.  PURPLE!  Wow… now I like purple!!

Can you see the little paisley designs on the card?  I seem to remember posting about paisley swirls sometime last year.  Saying how I loved them and then seeing them everywhere!    Well what do you do in a doddle book?  You draw swirls – paisley ones….

and they become addictive…..

and then branch out…

and swirl some more…

Yes you could say I am hooked!  But I’m not just going to leave them there.  I have a big sketch book that I design in – ha, ha!  I was going to do so much in it last year and did very little!  Well I discovered this lovely lady and her beautiful leaf brooches, and I felt sooooo inspired that I am gathering things together to make some ‘me’ brooches.  Some with a Paisley design.  It will be a basic start I think, with plenty of room to grow.   OOOOOoooooooo!!!!   (note the subtle change from Oh to ooooo!!!)  so as they say watch this space!!

As far as my camera is concerned I am learning.  I am adjusting and altering, and tweaking the pictures that I took over Christmas.  And when I have tweaked, all will be revealed!!

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4 Responses to Doodle.

  1. Fiona Jean says:

    Im into the paisley swirls. Very cool.

    Your son did a great job in picking the card.


  2. greenrabbitdesigns says:

    Your drawings are beautiful, looking forward to seeing the brooches that come from them! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  3. WOW your doodles are fantastic – have you tried printing them onto fabric?


  4. val says:

    Good morning Alison! I love your doodles, makes me want to grab a pad and have a go myself. Sewing Daisies had a good idea, I wonder how it would work, look forward to seeing yours if you have a go. I think brooches is a brilliant idea and I am sure they would sell like hot cakes!
    Have a wonderful creative week,
    love Val xx

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